Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, the largest of the Texas missions, was founded on February 23, 1720 and moved to its current location between 1721 and 1724 along the San Antonio River. Father Margil de Jesús, president

Founded in 1731, Mission Concepción remains virtually unchanged since her creation over 250 years ago.  The cruciform construction with twin towers, barrel-vaulted roof and dome ceiling are but a few of the architectural features that made their debut at Concepción

Mission San Francisco de la Espada was moved to the San Antonio River Valley from East Texas in 1731 along with Mission San Juan and Mission Concepción. Originally founded as Mission San Francisco de los Tejas near Augusta, Texas, like

Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of three missions that were moved from East Texas in 1731. First established in 1716 as Mission San José de los Nazonis in present day Nacogdoches County, the mission attempted to convert the Nasoni

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