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Guess what? Great news! The rideshare driver with the most signups for the month of October will have the choice to pick between a Lifetime massage card (120.00 value), Six Flags Season Pass for 2 (130.00 value), Shell Gas Card (120.00 value), or Tattoo (120.00 value)!

So simply fill in the form below, click submit and become a subscriber to start winning today!!! After clicking the submit button a confirmation message will appear below this information. Under the confirmation message a code unique to you will appear. Please copy and paste that code in a strategic location on your phone, laptop or tablet for use when recruiting new subscribers. That code is the referral number you need to copy and paste into text messages sent via your Lyft, 5 Star or Uber app rider contact number or email.

$$$Please ask your rider for permission first to send the sign up link$$$

***As an additional bonus all drivers that subscribe become eligible for the drawings and giveaways provided by business partners of FunInSanAntonio every month. These rewards are available to ALL subscribers including the ones you get to sign up. The winners are selected through random drawings each month and the rewards vary from drawing to drawing.***